Speech of Head Master

Speech of Head Master

Tarar Mela Ishan Memorial School is an Bangla version of educational institutions in the national curriculum. It is run and directed by the District Administration, Faridpur. The objective of the institution is to bestow international standard quality education upon the students, prepare them to excel in every aspect of life and meet the national and global challenges; to provide an academic program that will require a disciplined approach to subject matter and to the attainment of skills, that will engage the interest of students and arouse their intellectual curiosity and that will fit them for university and meaningful lives; to thrive and shine as a model institution for other ones to follow; to impart knowledge and quest for the truth, and to make continuous effort for the development of this institution and of human resources and accomplish good to the society and to the country as well.


The medium of teaching will be Bangla. Special emphasis will be given on English as a foreign Language. The students of this institution shall place themselves in the quest for knowledge and truth. They will not violate the rules of the institution and laws of the country and after completion of their education devote themselves to the service of mankind.


Modern teaching methods and techniques will be followed and applied. The syllabus and curriculum of the institution have been formulated in accordance with the latest resources and information. It will keep in touch with national and international reputed educational institutions. Options will be open to accommodate new education policy, methodology, system, curriculum and any other thing or resource which will facilitate the advancement of learning and quality of education. This institution will run based on some basic principles to ensure its quality and to upgrade the process of disseminating knowledge among the students. Students of this institution will be the focal point of all its activities. Education and amenities of the students will get optimum priority in policy formulation and implementation. This institution will arrange rally, discussion, seminar, symposium, debate, book and science fair and pursue other activities of government on various social issues and occasions.


One of the prime responsibilities of this institution will be human resource development and thus contribute to nation-building. The students will be molded to respond to moral obligations. All necessary measures will be adopted for the Intellectual, Cultural, Psychological and Social development of the students.


All guardians, students, teaching faculty and staff will enjoy equal treatment in terms of rules of the institution. “We don’t speak only about the change; we make the change.” We do believe that every child is a precious asset of a country. Our vision is to reach our goal by the supports of all the treasured guardians. Hopefully, we will fulfill our motto through our efforts and enthusiasm.


: Doly Yeasmin

Head Master

Tarar Mela Ishan Memorial School

বর্তমান গভর্নিং বডির নামের তালিকা

নাম ক্যাটাগরি পদবী
জনাব কামরুন হাসান পিএএ জেলা প্রশাসক,ফরিদপুর সভাপতি
জনাব মোঃওয়াহিদ মিয়া কুটি ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক,মেসার্স করিম জুট মিলস,ফরিদপুর সদস্য
মোহাম্মদ সাইফুল কবির অতিরিক্ত জেলা প্রসাসক (শিক্ষা ও আইসিটি) সদস্য

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