Speech of Chairman

Speech of Chairman

Immediately after taking over the charge as Deputy Commissioner, Faridpur at the end of June- 2019, I found out many odds including the deplorable condition of the educational institutions in the district. To eliminate unfair means in the public examinations and to raise the standard of education I ventured a lot. Unfair means could be reduced to a great extent but the later one remained a far cry as it needed more time and space. I exchanged my views and opinions with the people from all strata of life regarding this issue. As I strongly believe that without Science and development based education it is not possible to uplift the fate of education. Most of the people, I talked with, agreed and opined the same. The need for a standard educational institution became obvious, which would work as a model for other institutions.


Keeping this view in mind I directed the officers of Administration cadre to find out a suitable place for the institution. It was a daunting task for me to spend time for an institution, as a part of my assigned role I am immensely busy with district administration, still, I have continued this herculean task and sacrificed a great deal of my regular time regarding this. Finally, it was decided that a school and college would be established near the Jhiltuli residential area, in an abandoned one-storied house after necessary renovation. Initially, the doings of the institution took place here and gradually it is expanded and developed in and around the present site.


Faridpur Zila Proshason School and College is an educational institution established, directed and run by the district administration, Faridpur and it will be directed, managed and governed by the same. It is located in Faridpur town adjacent to Panir tankir mor to the north, Jhiltuli residential area to the west and MATs institute to the east, Anather mor to the south. In the future, the institution may be expanded to other suitable places as per the decisions made by the Executive Body.


The institution was inaugurated on Wednesday 1st January 2020. We want to ensure the quality of education to face the challenges of the 21st century. The infrastructure of the institution is still at the primary stage and we hope that one day it will be a vast institution of this area to cater to the needs of the time and will be trailed by others. I hope this institution will be an asset to the inhabitant of Faridpur.


One of the main purposes of this intuition is to provide a standard education through modern technology. We have appointed highly qualified teachers to ensure a standard education. It is the first educational institution in Faridpur which will guide its students up to the higher secondary level in the national curriculum.



Md. Kamrul Ahsan PAA

District Commissioner and District Magistrate,Faridpur.

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